Irrigation Systems

Not only do we offer some of the most energy and water efficient irrigation systems on the market, we also offer a ton of additional gadgets that make watering your property simple and disaster free.

Some setups can cut water usage as much as 70%!

There is more to a sprinkler system than just sprinklers. System design and installation are critical factors that will affect your system’s performance and longevity. That's why it is important to have a professional contractor such as STI design and install a system that meets your needs. If you decide to install the sprinkler system yourself, we can help you create a design plan customized for your landscapes specific needs!
You'll have greener grass, healthier plants, and more time to smell the roses instead of watering them.

Sprinkler Systems

Customizable Save Time Save Water

There is no easier or more cost-effective way to beautify your home, increase its value, and save yourself time and money.

Among traditional automatic spray systems are underground, pop-up spray heads that can be adjusted to spray a full circle, half circle or quarter circle. Traditional sprinklers are mostly used for lawns since they can quickly cover a much larger area than drip irrigation — which is best suited for gardens. The disadvantage of spray heads is that they are often less efficient than rotor heads or drip systems, because they put water down on the ground faster than the soil can absorb it.

Use up to 30% less water!

  • SAVE TIME: Your system will do all the watering for you.
  • SAVE WATER: An automatic system uses less water than watering by hand.
  • SAVE MONEY: Your water bills will be significantly lower
  • REST EASY: STI is your assurance of quality, value, and performance!

Rotary Sprinklers

Rotating Heads

A rotary sprinkler consists of one or more rounded heads driven into the lawn using metal spikes.

Rotary systems offer many benefits to users. The heads themselves are very inexpensive, and are much more economical than underground systems. The rotating action of each head minimizes the impact of wind, helping the water reach the lawn as intended. In addition, the sizing and layout of the holes on these heads help to spread water evenly across the lawn, covering both nearby and far away areas. One of the primary benefits to a rotary sprinkler is that these systems tend to use water more efficiently than other sprinklers.

Use up to 50% less water!

  • The heads themselves are very inexpensive
  • More economical than underground systems
  • The rotating action of each head minimizes the impact of wind
  • The sizing and layout of the holes on the heads help to spread water more evenly across the lawn

Drip Irrigation

Flexible Design, Very "Green" Irrigation

What is the most efficient way to water your landscaping beds, vegetable garden and container plants? For non-grass areas, drip irrigation is the solution that will provide great results while saving you a ton of water.

Drip tubing is made from polyethylene and has emitters that are placed at intervals along the tube that correspond with the placement of each plant. This ensures that water is delivered directly to each plant's root zone. Using drip tubing for irrigation is also considered a very "green" irrigation solution and as such it is an excellent way to conserve and even recycle water. Because of its flexibility, drip tubing can be easily molded to the contours of irregularly shaped or narrow landscaped areas to effectively irrigate them.

Use up to 70% less water!

  • Water efficiency is extremely high if managed correctly
  • Yards with irregular shapes are easily accommodated
  • Variation in supply can be regulated by valves and drippers
  • Water distribution is highly uniform
  • Foliage remains dry, reducing the risk of fungus and disease